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Art Shop Unique gets Uplifted

It’s been a while since I found myself in the role of a student, and it was time to enroll in some education. Right on cue, Instagram’s algorithm read my mind and displayed an open call for the third season of the Uplift Academy on my feed. I hadn’t heard of Uplift until then, but the more I read about it, the more it sounded like it was tailor-made for me. In short, they select 32 micro or small entrepreneurs from the tourism industry who will receive a scholarship from Mastercard in the form of comprehensive entrepreneurial education at Algebra University. Considering my entrepreneurial progress has always happened organically, the idea of learning from experts rather than just through my own trial and error appealed to me. I got what I prayed for. In mid autumn of 2023, while driving from Primošten to Zagreb, I received a call telling me I had won the scholarship, and that’s when everything started to happen, and my brain kicked into high gear.

The education itself is structured into 10 modules, covering 10 topics crucial for small entrepreneurs looking to progress in tourism. We have a total of 100 hours of lectures, and in addition, we work on our own conceptual projects with the guidance of mentors. As I’m writing this blog, I am halfway through the education, and I can say that the quality exceeds my expectations. Instead of dry lectures, I got the perfect balance between theory and practice. Furthermore, my fellow uplifters surrounding me are so inspiring, innovative, and positive that the environment itself is a significant benefit of this program.

The following article has been released as part of presenting the Uplift Academy scholarship recipients. There you can find more information about me, the Art Shop Unique brand, and my initial impressions of the Uplift scholarship program. Read the full article here.